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 Accepting Applications



Enrollment is open to infants 6 weeks to children 12 years of age. We offer many programs to fit the needs of every child. Enrollment shall be granted without discrimination in regard to sex, race, creed, gender, religion and disability within safety limits. Our operating hours are Monday through Friday 6:30am-6:00pm.

Schedule your tour today to begin the enrollment process.

For more information call

(215) 257-9240

Class Placement

Interested parents and children are invited to tour the center and meet the staff.  They may also review and complete all the necessary paperwork prior to enrollment. Placement will occur on a first-come, first-serve basis. If not included as a part of the tour, prior to the child’s attendance, a conference with the parent and child is offered to acquaint each new family with the environment, staff, and schedule for the child. Children are grouped according to age and developmental level.


Enrollment Options

Full Time

A child who is enrolled Monday through Friday and attends for more than four hours per day is considered full time. The child must be enrolled year-round, (January through December) to be entitled to full time benefits (example; one free week during family vacations.)


Part Time

A child who is enrolled three, four or five half days (4 hours or less per day) per week is considered part time. Children who are enrolled three full time days are considered part-time.  Children enrolled five days per week for greater than four hours per day but who only attend the center during the school year (example: from September to June) are also considered part-time.  

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