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Answers to Your Questions

  • How do I register?
    An appointment with the Director needs to be scheduled either by phone or email to begin the registration process.
  • Is there a registration fee?
    There is a nonrefundable registration fee of $75.00 due upon enrollment. ($100.00 for two or more children) This fee covers all administrative costs associated with enrollment.
  • What are your center hours?
    Explore and Learn is open Monday through Friday from 6:30 am to 5:30pm. Our Infant hours are 7:30am to 5:00pm.
  • What ages do you accept?
    We accept children from 6 weeks to 12 years of age.
  • Are you open year round?
    Yes, we have a fall program that includes a full day Kindergarten program. During the Summer we invite the children to join us for our summer camp program.
  • What security measures do you have at the center?
    The doors at both entrances are locked and you need to be buzzed in to gain access. There are cameras facing the parking lot and in each classroom
  • Are meals provided?
    We do not provide meals. Children bring their own lunch. We provide a morning and an afternoon snack each day.
  • What are the current Pennsylvania childcare regulations?
    Click here to view the Pennsylvania Department of Health's current child care regulations:
  • Are you closed on holidays and do I still pay for those days?
    Our school will be closed on the major holidays listed below. Payment will be due for these holidays if your child is enrolled full time. If your child is enrolled on a part time basis and the holiday falls on a day that your child would normally attend, payment is due. We are required to follow strict child-staff ratios; therefore, we are unable to switch your child’s day of attendance in the event of a holiday. New Year’s Day President’s Day Good Friday Memorial Day July 4th Labor Day Thanksgiving Day Day After Thanksgiving Christmas Eve/Day/Day After
  • How can I help my child acclimate to Explore and Learn?
    During the first few weeks of school, don’t be alarmed if your child: Is shy and clings to you Is aggressive and won’t share Hits and refuses to take turns Tires easily and cries more easily Resists using the school bathroom and has accidents Won’t talk about his/her day at school These are all symptoms of stress and normal reactions to a new situation. As your child becomes familiar with our routine and comfortable with our teachers, these behaviors will disappear. As a parent, you can help your child through this time of transition by being sympathetic, supportive and creating a drop off routine. The following are helpful ways in which transitioning can be made easier for the child, parent, and staff members. You can help by: Letting your child stand back and watch-observation is one way of participating. Allowing time for personal routine-a nourishing breakfast and a pleasant ride to school. Having a cheerful and positive attitude as you say good-bye to your child. Encourage discussion about school and by asking specific questions. REMEMBER- The more relaxed and happier you are the more relaxed and happy your child will be!!
  • Where can I find emergency closing information?
    Our school will make every reasonable attempt to open on time and remain open during inclement weather. However, in the case of extremely dangerous road conditions, worsening weather conditions or a state emergency, it may be necessary for the school to close early, open late or not open at all. If we need to close early, you will be notified by constant contact and the info will be posted on Facebook. If no specific closing time is given you are required to pick up your child as soon as possible. We are not only concerned about you and your child’s safety but the safety of the center's staff. We may have to delay the school opening for an hour or two or may even close the school due to weather conditions. This information will be posted on channels 6 and 29, Facebook and constant contact. In the event of an emergency evacuation of the building, the staff-child ratio will be maintained, and the children will be evacuated to Guth Elementary. Emergency Contact Forms will be brought with every teacher to the new site and you will be contacted by telephone to pick up your child. Closed, opening late, or closing early notifications can be found at the following sources: Fox 29 TV 6 ABC TV Constant Contact: Group email Facebook Page Posting
  • What Covid-19 Protocols are in place?
    We follow the guidance of the CDC and the Pennsylvania Department of Health guidelines for Childcare Centers.
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