Diverse Learning Environments

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In this program, you can be assured that your infant will be safe, secure, and nurtured by our caring staff. Your child will be rocked and cuddled in gentle, loving arms. We take great pride to ensure that your infant’s individual needs are met; including feeding times, napping schedule, and playtime. Infants are accepted into this program full-time between the hours of 7:30am and 5:00pm

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As toddlers begin to explore their surroundings, our inspiring staff provides them with an enriching environment that introduces them to the world around them. The children are familiarized and guided through a well-rounded age-appropriate program that includes circle time, dramatic play, music, art, language, and many beginning educational concepts. In addition, our toddlers can cultivate their fine and gross motor skills as they play and discover on our on-site playground. Our toddler classes include our 1- and 2-year old’s.

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Our preschool program facilitates learning through imagination, discovery, and exploration. The program also expands the fundamental things that were learned and developed as a toddler. Our knowledgeable staff encourages our preschool children to participate in a variety of activities such as; dramatic play, block building, art, puzzle-solving, science station, and outdoor play. Many of these activities foster independence in choice-making, taking turns, and following directions. We help foster positive self-esteem in our children and guide them to make good choices. Our preschool program includes children age 3 and 4 years old on a 3 or 5 full-day schedule.

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Our Pre-K program is designed to prepare our 4- and 5-year-olds for Kindergarten. Our reading and math curriculums integrate problem-solving skills, social skills, language skills, and listening skills. The attentive staff plan many “hands-on” activities and projects that strengthen fine and gross motor skills. Our on-site playground provides the perfect opportunity for each child to develop strong gross motor skills and to develop friendships.



Kindergarten is a full-day program that gives children the foundation needed for success in elementary school. Our curriculum provides the fundamentals needed to build strong reading and math skills. The students will learn within a small group setting which allows our dedicated Kindergarten teacher to better meet the needs of each individual student. Our program also includes “hands-on” science experiments, fun-filled music lessons, creative art projects, and educational field trips. Kindergarten begins at 9:00am and concludes at 3:00pm. To accommodate the working schedule of many parents we provide extended hours before and after classes.


Half Day Kindergarten

We provide a half day enrichment program for children who attend public school Kindergarten. Transportation is provided to Guth and Deibler Elementary Schools.